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Fantines by TheRandomPhangirl
A coloured version of a sketch I did a few months back.
Watercolour and coke.
Michael Colbourne as Enjolras by TheRandomPhangirl
Michael Colbourne as Enjolras
Michael Colbourne is the current Enjolras in the West End. I've seen him once, and hopefully he'll be there when I go see the show in December, mainly so I can give this to him after spending about six hours drawing and painting it, but also because he's shaping up to be a damn good Enjolras. He also has nice cheekbones. They were fun to draw.

1. You must post these rules.
2. You must say ten things about Les Mis. (Ex: your favorite parts, favorite characters, number of times you've seen it, etc.)
3. You must ask ten questions.
4. You must tag 5 other 'Mizzies' – tagbacks are allowed.

Ten Things About The Mis

  1. I have been in a school’s edition and played Feuilly

  2. I have a lot of Les Mis crap in my room

  3. I’ve read the book four times

  4. Combeferre is the easiest character for me to draw

  5. I desperately want to play Fantine at some point

  6. I nearly got to audition for Little Cosette when I was seven

  7. I went to Toronto to see it

  8. I’ve been in the fandom for two years

  9. My favourite movies are the 1982 Lino Ventura and the 1950s French one

  10. If you make me try and choose a favourite character I will self destruct


Gen’s Questions

1. Javert: Goodie or Baddie?
I don’t think he’s really either.

2. Do you agree with Enjolras' views?
Given that I’m a left-wing lady, yes.

3. Which Ami can you relate with the most?
Uh….Feuilly I think.

4. What do you think Musichetta looks like?
For me, she’s got dark russet hair, dark green eyes and very pink lips.

5. How many times have you read the Brick? What translations?
I’ve read my Hapgood four times, and stuggling through the French, and have tried the Denny.

6. Name five items of Les Mis merchandise (it can be homemade) you own.
One- Les Mis jewellery box I made
Two – Poster signed by Ramin Karimloo from Toronto
Three – Charm bracelet
Four – Les Amis pyjamas
Five – Several t-shirts

7. Have you ever met somebody involved with Les Mis?
Quite a few people, actually.

8. Feuilly or Bossuet? Why?
Uh..uh…uh….Feuilly because he taught himself stuff like I did…?

9. Combeferre or Courfeyrac? Why?
*self destructs* I literally cannot choose between these two.

10. What is your proudest Les Mis moment? (This is open to interpretation!)
That time when I was on stage singing my solo lines and being awesome on our barricade. Aw yeah.


Ten Questions:

  1. How did you get into Les Mis?

  2. 2012 film, yes or no?

  3. Who’s your LEAST favourite character?

  4. Who is you dream role?

  5. Has Les Mis inspired you to do anything?

  6. Do you own more than ten items of merchandise?

  7. Have you ever done historical research in the name of Les Mis that has proved useful elsewhere?

  8. Combeferre with glasses. Yes or no and explain why.

  9. Is your OTP Les Mis?

  10. How many times have you seen the show?


I’m tagging:

:iconglamtaire: Sorry for the tagback dear! *nervous laugh*






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Cecilia (Cess)
United Kingdom
I don't really wanna give my real name, so there we are. I'm a musician and drawing is my hobby. I love horses, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables, so alot of my art will most likely be centred around that.

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